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Reading Greens


Reading greens is perhaps one of the more difficult skills in golf.  It seems very simple to most people but is very complex and hard to master.  First of all we need to apply the laws of physics to understand why a putt breaks one way or the other.  GRAVITY is the main factor here.  All objects on planet earth have a gravitational force than pushes down.  Apply that to putting and what happens is the ball will always want to go towards the lowest point on the putting surface.  That is why downhill putts are faster, uphill putts are slower and side hill putts move left or right.  At this point we have made reading greens simple and in reality it is.  What makes it complex is deciding how much the slope of the green will effect my ball.

When approaching the green from the fairway first look at the contour of the land and pick up on the high spots and low spots.  This will always have an influence on how your putt will break.  Notice any drainage areas around the green as this will also effect how the ball will break.  The steeper the slope the more your ball will be effected and the more break you will have to play.  Now the most important aspect of reading greens is matching the speed of your putt to the break you are reading.  More speed will make your putt not take the break as much.  Less speed will make  your putt take the break more.  Take these tips to the course and practice them as practice will help you grasp a better understanding of these tips.

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