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Yegen Golf Club's award winning junior golf camp is back for the 2022 summer. Director of Instruction and PGA member Andrew Cortez will be our camp director. After being named an honorable mention Top 50 U.S. Kids Teacher for 2018 and 2020, Andrew and his staff are very excited to start this year with the new and improved U.S. Kids Golf Program. Teaching alongside Andrew will be some of the area's top college and high school golfers. We encourage kids to bring their own clubs but it is not required.


         ** Camp Dates: June 13th - August 4th

* Ages: 6/7- Tuesday & Thursdays from: 8am-9am

* Ages: 8/9- Tuesdays & Thursdays from: 9am- 10am

* Ages: 10/11- Tuesdays & Thursdays from: 10am- 11 am

* Ages: 12 & up - Mondays & Wednesdays from: 11am- 12pm


        ** Parent Meeting: June 7th @ 3 pm


Cost:                      $200.00 per participant


To register please call our golf shop at (406)656-8099 or Email us at with your juniors name and age. We hope your juniors decide to join in on the fun!

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